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Should you build a web application?

Web applications aren’t dead! They’re as important as ever and responsive web design makes your web application accessible to more devices, people and customers. If you plan to iterate until you find a product-market-fit, use a responsive first development strategy to build, test and learn from new features faster when compared to building new features for mobile platforms. Modern front-end web development frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone and Bootstrap allow web developers to add new features to web applications faster than ever before.


The majority of white collar workers still work in offices and use web-based software on their laptop or desktop computers because it’s easier and faster to complete complex tasks on large screens. Whether you plan to provide your power users with enhanced features or drive customer acquisition through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a web application should be central to your business strategy. Media and eCommerce businesses rely on SEO to drive web traffic, which increases ad revenue and sales respectively.

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